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Bobbleware Sip™ Retractable Travel Boba Straw is perfect for your bubble tea, smoothie, or any drinks your heart desires.

✔️ Eco-friendly
✔️ Smooth mouthfeel
✔️ Portable, easy to use and clean
✔️ Waterproof straw case included
✔️ SealForce™ technology guarantees smooth retraction of straw
✔️ Signature round hook for your keychain, carabiner or Bobbleware Strap™

💬 Everyone's raving about the bonus built-in poking tip, come try it for yourself!

Straw case ABS
Straw PP & HDPE

Temperature 0-90˚C.
BPA Free. Food contact safe.

Bobbleware Sip™ Reusable Bubble Tea Straw⚡New⚡

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